Why Choose Us?

  •   High standard education with opportunities to study or work abroad
  •   Student-oriented education
  •   Unique curriculum framework designed to prepare students for life
  •   We believe that successful studying is based on motivation – it is not the quantity of tasks assigned that leads to good performance
  •   We set reasonable goals for our students – no unachievable targets
  •   Western-European modern education
  •   Study abroad opportunities to practise English and German language in the target language environment
  •   Opportunity to win a scholarship based on exam results to study at our college and university in London
  •   College and university education in English in Budapest
  •   Individually tailored teaching at our secondary school with practical tasks to prepare students for life. Double lessons in different subjects
  •   Our technical grammar school teaches subjects that prepare students for various jobs
  •   Opportunity to participate in trainings enlisted in the National Qualifications Register after completing GCSE (school leaving exam)
  •   Opportunity to combine trainings of the National Qualifications Register and English language trainings – the only opportunity in Hungary offered by our school to obtain a diploma valid in two countries
  •   Opportunity to work abroad with the English diploma
  •   Trainings and job opportunities for students willing to work in Germany and in Austria